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Color Chart

A1 Red
A2 Red plum
A3 Rio red
A4 Lipstick red
B1 Orange
B2 Spicy orange
B3 Orange rust
B4 Vibrant orange
C1 Yellow
C2 Golden yellow
C3 Vibrant yellow
C4 Lemon zest
D4 Ivory cream
D5 Ecru
D6 Pale olive
D7 Khaki
E4 Lime green
E5 Kiwi
E6 Mehandi
E7 Green flash
E12 Bottle green
E13 Bright green
F1 Dark navy
F2 Navy blue
F7 Indigo bunting
F8 Peacock blue
F9 Turquoise blue
F10 Sky blue
G1 Lilac gray
G2 Lavender violet
G9 Purple wine
G10 Meadow mauve
G11 Violet
H1 Pink lavender
H2 Orchid pink
H3 Fuchisa pink
A5 True red
A6 Rose red
A7 Mandarin red
A8 Red orange
B5 Bright marigold
B6 Sugar coral
B7 Coral
B8 Coral blush
C5 Lemonade
D1 Champagne beige
D2 Beige
D3 Wheat
D8 Ecru olive
E1 Pistachio green
E2 Leaf green
E3 Parrot green
E8 Mint green
E9 Electric green
E10 Peacock green
E11 Medium green
F3 Royal blue
F4 True blue
F5 Ink blue
F6 Lbiza blue
G3 Purple heart
G4 Ultra violet
G5 Dark purple
G6 Purple violet
G7 Violet indigo
G8 Bright violet
H4 Super pink
H5 Azalea pink
H6 Hot pink
H7 Fuchsia rose
H8 Rani pink
H9 Bright rani
H10 Fuchsia purple
H11 Fuchsia red
H12 Peach blossom
H13 Peach
I1 Maroon
I2 Brown sugar
I3 Brown
I4 Chocolate truffle
I5 Chocolate fondant
I6 Chocolate chip
I7 Chocolate brown
J1 Black
J2 Black coffee
J3 Black berry wine
J4 Steel grey
J5 Natural grey
K1 Hint of mint
K2 White
K3 Bright white
K4 Lily white
K5 Brilliant white
N1 Neon pink
N2 Neon orange
N3 Neon green
N4 Neon yellow
N5 Neon blue
Z1 Aqua Island
Z2 Sherpa Blue